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Remove all dead debris from garden beds and lawn

Over winter leaves, dry grass and other dead material can build up on your lawn and in your garden beds. This material can turn into a carpet like layer that suffocates your grass and leads to mold and other fungal diseases. It’s best to remove this dead debris so your lawn and plants can breath and thrive. To start you’ll want to equip yourself with some gloves, garbage bags and a rake or blower. Be careful when gathering debris with your hands as dog poop, dead animals, glass and other sharp objects can be hidden underneath. When all the material is gathered you can start your own compost pile that can be used as a nourishing fertilizer later on. If composting isn’t for you, you can dispose of the waste in you compose bins or take it to the city landfill.  


Deep Rake

Once you’ve cleaned up all the dead debris you’ll want to thoroughly rake the whole lawn. Over time a lawn’s thatch layer builds up and by doing a deep rake you help break it down. This allows sunlight and air to hit the soil and roots, aiding in the health of your grass. If you have a lot of thatch build up a power raking or dethatching may be required.


Pruning and trimming

It’s a good idea to grab some garden sheers and go around trimming off the dead leaves and stems from your perennials and shrubs. Pruning encourages better branch distribution and helps the new growth come in for a fuller, healthier plant. You’ll also want to trim off dead branches from your trees for the same reasons. This also prevents damaged branches from falling down and damaging property or worse; a person or pet.


Tend to garden beds

A lot of us are flower and plant lovers who enjoy working in our gardens during the summer.  Now is the perfect time to start prepping your garden soil with some compost or fertilizer. Spring clean up is also the perfect time to shape out your garden beds. This is a very simple way to add extra curb appeal to your property. You can use a spade shovel, half moon edger, or an edge hog, depending on your needs and budget. For a clean crisp look try to keep your angles at 90 degrees and remove all the loosened turf leftover by hand.


Treat weeds

Weeds can get out of control fast, suffocating your grass and stealing all the nutrients. You’ll want to do some weed removal right after winter, before the weed has even had a chance to “wake up”. You can pull them out, cut them, dig them out or use herbicides depending on the type of weed and your lawn’s needs. If you choose to use herbicides make sure to follow all instructions properly and take appropriate care when children and pets are present.



Soil compaction can wreak havoc on any lawn and stop your grass from growing in lush and thick. As you use your lawn the soil will become compacted down. This suffocates the roots and stops water, air and nutrients from being absorbed. Core aerating pulls out small plugs allowing the soil to loosen up and breath. Adding aeration to your spring lawn care schedule can really turn any lawn around. 



Spring is the time for new growth! By doing a fertilizer application at this stage you’ll be pumping in tons of nutrients making for stronger, lusher lawn . If you have a compost pile you can add a thin layer of compost on top of your lawn paying extra care to dry dead spots.  Compost is super nourishing and can be used on your lawn and in your garden beds. For lawns that require a deeper treatment you can buy fertilizer at most home reno stores. Which fertilizer solution you use will depend on your lawns needs. Always make sure to follow all directions and take precautions when children and pets are present. If unsure you can always hire a trusted company.


Spring spruce up to the equipment

Every spring it’s important to do a little bit of maintenance on your lawn equipment. Your machines work hard all season and a few tune ups will go a long way. Changing oils, checking blade sharpness and following all other maintenance directions in owners manuals will help extend your machine’s life and help prevent an equipment malfunctions and accidents from happening. Equipment with cracks, rust, worn out parts should be repaired or replaced.  

Other equipment you’ll want to spring clean is your sprinkler system if you have one. You’ll prolong your systems life and help with proper watering coverage come watering season.  Make sure to follow all instructions given to you by your installer or contact them to get the information, never just flush your system with high pressure water as you may damage it.   


Wash down walkways and drive ways

During winter gravel and salt builds up on your walkways, driveways and decks. You’ll want to wash away all the residue to prevent it from damaging the structure and nearby vegetation. A power washer is a good option to blast the winter dirt away, just be gentle when it comes to
wooden structures and choose a sunny day where structures can fully dry. 


Spring is Here: A Guide for Spring Clean Ups | FT Property Services Inc.

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