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The sad truth is that many people who want a beautiful landscape in their yard are not able to do it themselves. Landscape maintenance is very time consuming and energy intensive and a main portion of this is proper lawn maintenance.

After a long day at the office the last thing most people want to do is dig out the lawn mower, struggle to get it started and then mow the grass. Then dig out the line trimmer or “weed-eater” , struggle to get that started to carefully trim around the perimeter and any obstacles. Finally, if you want to do a nice job you’ll be sure to get out your blower and remove any clippings from sidewalks, decks etc.

That’s not to mention the sun, the bugs, the dirt, and allergies come with lawn care!

Fortunately there are professional landscape maintenance companies that can make sure you have the nicest lawn on the block! That being said, not all landscaping companies are created equally. It is very important to hire a legitimate, experienced and insured company to be your lawn care service provider. While landscape maintenance and lawn care might sound easy, there is a lot that can go wrong and you want to make sure your property is in good hands and that you are protected.

Professional Lawn Care Services

At FT Property Services, we offer professional lawn care and landscape maintenance services including weekly mowing, power raking, aeration, fertilizer application, mulch installs and more.

We are owner-operated, experienced, licensed and insured so you can relax knowing you have legitimate professionals taking care of your landscape. You’ll never have to wonder if we are going to show up or return your call, email or text, we always do. We value our customers and treat their properties as if they were our own.

If you are ready to have a professional lawn care service take care of your landscape maintenance in Calgary, give us a call, text or email. You’ll gain a bunch of time and a beautiful yard too!

Benefits of Weekly Lawn Service | FT Property Services Inc. | Calgary, Alberta
Benefits of Weekly Lawn Service | FT Property Services Inc. | Calgary, Alberta


Benefits of Weekly Lawn Service In Calgary, Alberta

We all want a nice landscape around our homes. Not only does it make living there more enjoyable, it also increases the value of your property! And a key part to a beautiful landscape in Calgary has always been lush, green grass. A lot goes into taking care of grass and maintaining a nice lawn, a main part of that is weekly lawn care maintenance.

Do I really need to cut grass every week?

People often ask me “How often should I mow my lawn”? and I always tell them that depends of what you want out of your lawn. The lawn care schedule you implement varies quite a bit depending on if you want a lush green lawn or are just looking to provide basic lawn care.

If you are just maintaining a lawn so it doesn’t get too long and you don’t water or fertilize it, once every two weeks is usually enough to keep your neighbors from complaining. Of course, if you let it get too long, it is going to be a chore to get under control again and you may want to call a professional lawn care company to help you out.

If you are looking to have a beautiful landscape and are interested in proper lawn maintenance, I would advise you to mow the grass every week. Below are a few of the benefits of weekly lawn care maintenance.

Promote healthy, natural grass growth.

Many people aren’t aware of this but when you cut grass you should only take 1/3 of the leaf. That means if your grass is 3 inches long, the shortest you will want to cut it is 2 inches.

This is because when you remove more than a third of the grass leaf it puts the plant into shock. Like all plants, grass uses it’s leaves to create food for itself with photosynthesis. When you remove a large amount of the leaf, your grass will divert all of it’s growing resources to replacing it so it doesn’t starve to death.

A side effect of this is that any resources the grass plant has will be taken away from developing a healthy root system. A healthy root system is key if you want to have a full, lush and green lawn.

The process of cutting your lawn by more than a third is known as “scalping”. If done from time to time to get your lawn under control, it isn’t an issue. That being said, it is definitely not something you should do very often.

If you'd like some professional help with your lawn, contact us for a quote! 

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Keep weeds at bay - naturally.

If you have ever had weed issues with your lawn, you know how hard it can be to get rid of them. Commercially available herbicide chemicals have been liked to cancers, especially in small bodies - like children and pets (not to mention the guy who applies it). Obviously it is a good idea to limit the use of these. Digging out weeds manually is the best way to get rid of them but can be back breaking labour.

A lot of people don’t realize that weekly mowing and bagging your clippings will greatly reduce the amount of weeds in your lawn without using cancer causing herbicide. This is for a few reasons.

1) As listed above, if you practice weekly lawn care you will naturally develop a healthy lawn. A healthy, full lawn prevents weeds by shading sunlight from getting to the weed’s leaves. This inhibits the weed’s photosynthesis and staves it to death. In addition to shading out weeds, a healthy lawn will provide a lot of competition for nutrients, water and space for roots to grow.

2) Most weeds when given the proper sunlight, water and nutrients will grow faster than grass. That is why you typically see dandelions sticking out far above the surface of a lawn. Like grass plants, if you remove most of the weed’s leaf (and flower), it will go into shock. If you practice weekly lawn care, the weeds will spend their energy replacing what was removed and neglect root growth. During this time your healthy grass will be growing it’s roots and crowding out the weeds. Eventually the weeds won’t have anywhere to grow and you’ll be left with a beautiful green lawn.

3) When you practice weekly lawn care and bag your clippings, you will be removing any seeds the weed plants produce from the equation. Without seeds, the weeds will have a hard time spreading over your beautiful back yard landscape.


Grasscycling is a trendy word for what a lot of people already do. It means instead of bagging your grass clippings, you leave them on your lawn and allow the microorganisms in the soil to break them down, recycling the nutrients.

The main benefits of grasscycling are that you will need less fertilizer to have a green lawn and that the grass seeds your lawn naturally produce will be spread around.

Weekly mowing is an important part of grasscycling because the clippings are shorter and they will break down within a day or so. If you mow the grass infrequently you will have a lot more clippings that will take a lot longer to break down. This will leave you with a lawn looking like it’s covered with hay and nobody wants that.

It should be mentioned that while grasscycling is good for the environment and pocketbook, if you have a lawn that is full of weeds it is only going to make that situation worse. This is also true if you live next to a neighbor with a lot of weeds and gaps in the fence.

We only recommend grasscycling on healthy, weed free lawns. While you may need more fertilizer, you will need less herbicide, which is far worse for the environment.

It is also worth mentioning, contrary to popular opinion, Grasscycling DOES NOT contribute to thatch buildup. To learn more about thatch, click here…


Written By Steve Hyde | May 3, 2019 | Calgary, Alberta

Benefits of Weekly Lawn Service | FT Property Services Inc. | Calgary, Alberta
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