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Kitchen Cabinet Assembly and Installation

Ikea makes some beautiful, inexpensive kitchen cabinets these days. Like their Pax wardrobes, the options are almost limitless.

That being said, Ikea does have a reputation for dubious quality and flimsy furniture. This reputation is largely due to their products being assembled incorrectly.

The truth is that if your Ikea cabinets (and furniture for that matter) are assembled and installed correctly, they will last for many years. Aside from high end custom cabinets, most modern kitchen cabinets are very similar in design and quality.

Save yourself the frustration of being stuck with a sub-par kitchen install and have us do it for you. We know what needs to be done and how to do it properly so that you can enjoy a nice, modern kitchen for years to come.

If you need some professional help with your furniture assembly, contact us for a quote! 

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Calgary, Alberta


Furniture Assembly Service in Calgary, Alberta | FT Property Services Inc.

Nursery Assembly Service

Do you have a new addition to your family on the way?


You have enough on your mind right now, let us take care of your nursery furniture assembly. We can assemble cribs, change tables, baby furniture dressers, toys and anything else your nursery needs.

We can also anchor the furniture in your nursery to the wall. This is very important for the safety of little ones once they start exploring and climbing on furniture. If their furniture is not anchored to a wall it can tip and fall on them.

Let FT Property Services handle your nursery so you can focus on what is truly important!


Furniture Disassemble Service

We all dread moving but sometimes we just have to. If you need your large furniture items disassembled for a move, we can help you.

We know how to properly and safely take apart furniture and can reassemble it for you at your new place as well. Save yourself the additional headaches of furniture dis-assembly and re-assembly and give FT Property Services a call!

Bed Installation Service

There are countless different styles of beds these days. From your standard bed frame, beds with drawers for storage, bunk beds, day beds. Your options are almost limitless and that’s a great thing.

A bed is something you spend a lot of time using and it should be put together properly. Sometimes even the most minimalist, modern bed designs can be a chore to assemble properly.

At FT Property Services we have seen it all and can build any bed without issue. We can also assemble your dressers, night stands and bedroom shelves so you can relax and focus on getting the rest you need!



Written By Steve Hyde | April 20, 2019 | Calgary, Alberta

Furniture Assembly Service in Calgary, Alberta | FT Property Services Inc.
Furniture Assembly Service in Calgary, Alberta | FT Property Services Inc.
Furniture Assembly Service in Calgary, Alberta | FT Property Services Inc.

Do you need a furniture assembly service and live in Calgary, Alberta? 

Whether you need help with furniture in your home or for your office, you’ve found the right place! At FT Property Services we specialize in furniture assembly and would love to build your furniture so you can enjoy it! Here are some of the most common assembly services we provide for our customers.


Pax Wardrobe Assembly

Ikea’s Pax wardrobes are perfect if you need some extra closet space! They can be built to suit any need and can be customized to suit any taste. You can turn an extra bedroom into a walk in closet with these wonderful creations.

That being said, they can be a daunting task to assemble. The boxes weigh a ton and if you haven’t built one before there is a lot that can go wrong. When assembled properly, Ikea’s Pax wardrobes look elegant and modern and are study enough to offer years of enjoyment. When assembled improperly they can be extremely hazardous, junky looking and a chore to use. Save yourself the frustration, time and money by having us assemble your Pax wardrobes.

Furniture Assembly Service in Calgary, Alberta | FT Property Services Inc.


Just mention you found us on our website and we will give you a $10 discount off your bill!

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Furniture Assembly Service in Calgary, Alberta | FT Property Services Inc.

Office Furniture Assembly Service

Whether you are expanding or just upgrading, new office furniture is always exciting. Except the part where you put it together.

Save your time and energy for doing what you do best and let us assemble your new office furniture. We have years of experience assembling desks, office chairs, filing cabinets, tables and everything else you need for a beautiful, productive office.

We can also hang your pictures, whiteboards and wall mount TVs too!